22 March 2017

Favorite Furniture

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?
There are several items I really love that I've collected over the years but this Chinoiserie piece made of burl wood brings me joy every day. 
When Meryl Streep's character in Out of Africa arrived with so many crates and simply said, "I like my things." It struck a chord with me and is a sentiment I hold as well. In the memoir, Strangers Tend To Tell Me Things by Amy Dickinson she quotes her mother as saying, "My things never let me down." Couldn't agree more. :)
Not only do I love the detail and perfect size of this piece, it is special because I bought it from my favorite interior design professor. He is a very successful, long time designer in the New York metropolitan area and it brings back memories from his fascinating classes, impeccable taste and kindness. It was such a treat to go to Greenbaum's original location and discover this treasure and work with him personally. I hope your surroundings and treasures bring you joy as well!