28 February 2011


Love this COCO chair designed by Sarah Richardson.  It's being given away by House Beautiful Magazine's The Power of Pink Chicago Street Giveaway.

22 February 2011

16 February 2011

The D & D Building

Finally, I got my first taste of the Decoration & Design Building.  It is a resource for design professionals with so many great companies it's hard to take it all in.  A friend of mine was shopping for three different clients and needed fabric and trims.  We had a great time looking at all the beautiful possibilities and collecting samples.  One of my favorite showrooms was John Rosselli & Associates.  The mix of lighting, furniture, fabric, rugs and accessories is delightful everywhere you look.  The D & D is a place you could run into editors from shelter magazines to designers to students who have an interest in developing sources for future clients.  I look forward to many visits in the future.

12 February 2011

npr valentines

 i've been listening to npr for over 20 years~so clever :D love these!

10 February 2011

lonny's watercolor wednesdays

Every Wednesday Lonny Magazine's blog features a new watercolor from artist Caitlin McGauley.  Love her work and thought this was so pretty.

08 February 2011

History of Decorative Arts

This is such a fascinating class and I really enjoy my instructor.  We began at the beginning :) the other day and learned about Prehistory art and design.  Beautiful!
These are images from the Lascaux cave discovered in 1940 by four teens and a pet dog.  It was opened to the public in 1948 but the carbon dioxide from some 1200 visitors a day visibly damaged the paintings.  Lascaux II, a replica of two of the cave halls — the Great Hall of the Bulls and the Painted Gallery — was opened in 1983, 200 meters from the original.  Reproductions of other Lascaux artwork can be seen at the Centre of Prehistoric Art at Le Thot, France.
 We discussed Stonehenge as well, which I had the opportunity to visit in the late '80s~it is an amazing site.
Woman of Willendorf is a very interesting early sculpture symbolizing the importance of women for the future of mankind.
She is only 4 3/8 inches and resides at a museum in Vienna.

07 February 2011

everything old is new again

It's funny that those old photos we thought were of such poor quality are desirable again.  You can find Polaroid cameras for sale and the photographs show up on blogs and in publications.  It's not even necessary to own the camera (although that would be fun) there are great apps that allow you to choose "1977" among other things as the filter.  It's nice to have such accessible tools that allow more people to be creative and personalized.

06 February 2011


I can't say enough good things about etsy.  It was a great discovery over three years ago and I have found so many unique and creative items for gifts as well as for our home.  From original artwork to jewelry to vintage items it is a fabulous resource and I love supporting artisans in their work.  Interesting key fobs are fun to own and make finding keys so much easier.  Recently, there was a really cute one listed on ebay but my bid wasn't high enough to win the fob.
So, I contacted leatherprince on etsy and showed them the photo.  They created a custom order for me for less than half the price and here are the results.
So cute! Can't wait to start using it :)
A note on custom orders~etsy has suspended the Alchemy section but I hope they bring it back.  It was such a great way for buyers and sellers to be creative and have original items made.

04 February 2011


Classes have started up again and for the first time I'm taking three at one time.  Rendering is an elective and the instructor is an amazing French architect.  What has surprised me is the amount of homework and how many supplies are needed for this class.  It has been a long time since I took an art course, it's a great reminder of "the more you learn, the less you know."  Even though I feel a bit overwhelmed, the class is enjoyable and makes us all stretch.
my homework
 the instructor's samples