20 February 2014

Indianapolis Architecture

Although I've lived in various places on the east coast for 20+ years, Indianapolis remains my favorite place to reside.  It's about 150 miles from where I grew up but I consider it a second hometown.  It is a beautiful, affordable city with great culture, amazing food and so much to do as well as lots of great surrounding towns--whether you have a boat and want to live on a reservoir or enjoy cobblestone streets and fox hunting.  Often, I am surprised at how little east coasters know about "the middle." Here are some great photos from Herstory on Instagram (unless otherwise noted,) it's an account that chronicles historic buildings. I'm already planning a short visit this spring and my list is always longer than my time.
 iso_symphony on instagram
 two photos from laur3nfi3lds on instagram

photo from doingindy. Lilly House at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
p.s. Martha Stewart's recent visit

03 February 2014

Waterlogue App

Have you seen the Waterlogue app?  It's pretty amazing and there is a craze going on Instagram :)  Watercolor interiors are one of my favorite things and these images transformed so quickly by an app are very exciting.  It works on pictures of any subject. Here are a few of my favorites.

 Mark D. Sikes
 Mark D. Sikes

01 February 2014

Happy February!

February makes me think of pink and in terms of design, it reminded me of Sid and Ann Mashburn's lovely, well edited Atlanta living room.  As the owner of two pink couches, I'm happy to see these . . . maybe I need a lucite coffee table too ;D
 photos from Atlanta Homes Magazine
to read more on these tastemakers, go to Matchbook Magazine