16 December 2014

Capitalism with a Cause

Public Greens Urban Kitchen is a new restaurant located in my former home of Indianapolis, right on the Monon Trail. People run, bike and walk this trail every day.
photo from Public Greens instagram
The most unique thing about Public Greens is all the profits will go to the Patachou Foundation to feed food-insecure children in the city. Across from the new restaurant is a micro farm which grows some of the produce used in the restaurant and for the foundation. It may be the very first of its kind and it's such a wonderful venture, I hope it catches on in other cities!

06 December 2014

Pantone's Color of the Year: Marsala

Kravet celebrated Pantone's 2015 color of the year with these clever cookies by Jennifer Scarpella.
Pantone named Marsala, an "earthy red wine" inspired hue, the 2015 Color of the Year.
The color "embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness," Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a press release.
The selection is the company's prediction for what will be a popular hue for designs and products in the coming year.
Pantone is a global color company known for its standardized color matching system. It uses numeric codes to help designers find the exact color they need. Marsala's code is Pantone 18-1438.

29 November 2014


We hosted Thanksgiving, so I decided to make fall inspired place cards. My eleven year old helped, she loves a craft project.
 Inspired by nature, it only takes a few items to make beautiful place cards.
the most difficult part was getting the walnut to crack where it's supposed to without damaging the entire thing.

24 November 2014

wise words.

"A lovely place to live, congenial companionship and real fun and amusement are human needs. They are as important as sunlight and fresh air." ~Dorothy Draper

30 October 2014

Autumn~some favorite captures

This time of year, just driving down the street makes me smile. It is the most beautiful season and I can't get enough of all the images people are posting. The changing of the seasons is one of my favorite things in life and I know I couldn't live where it's always warm and there are no colorful leaves.
"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
~Elizabeth Lawrence
Lilly House and Gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
Monon Trail
Rhinebeck, New York
St. John's Episcopal, New Jersey

20 October 2014

The Hunt at Far Hills

What a great fall event!
The decor and cookies are from my friend Susan's tailgate.
So cute!

16 October 2014

#1 Item for house guests!

Can you guess what this is? 
Fresh linens, flowers, reading material, good food? 
Well, you should have all of those . . . but I was reading a favorite blog the other day and it mentioned the #1 item is . . . . a toilet PLUNGER! And I thought to myself, of course! 
There's nothing worse than being at someone's house and seeing that water rise and rise . . . and not have a plunger in the bathroom to quietly take care of things without having to ask.

We have old toilets in our house that can be temperamental, so a few years ago I put a plunger in all 3 bathrooms.  The funny thing is~~the one in our upstairs guest bathroom disappeared!  I can't find it anywhere.  So, with our house guest en route, I'm off to purchase another one.  Hopefully, it won't be needed but just in case . . .

12 October 2014

Prairie Plates

Conner Prairie is the nation's finest outdoor living history museum, based in Fishers, Indiana.
They hold many special events like Symphony on the Prairie, Headless Horseman hayrides, Holiday Fun and the newest edition is Prairie Plates. 
Wish I could attend each and every one!
                                           Prairie Plates from Conner Prairie on Vimeo.

27 September 2014

Favorite Instagrammed Houses this week

 This lovely home and Wagoneer are posted often. My favorite neighborhood in Indianapolis.
Looks like home to me. :)
Beautiful spot on Geist Reservoir, Indianapolis.

24 September 2014

my favorite restaurant. ever.

Many years ago I lived in Indianapolis in my home state of Indiana.  My memories from those years are very fond--it was a wonderful combination of an interesting job, lots of good friends, an abundance of things to do--culture, community and nature all at a very reasonable cost of living. My time there began in 1990 and Cafe Patachou opened in 1989. It was love at first visit. The ingredients were fresh and the items were made from scratch, which was uncommon at that time. Martha Hoover was a young mother and ahead of her time in the food movement when she opened her first restaurant. We share the same philosophy of buying fresh, local, quality ingredients. My mom used to shop our local farm stands, we would frequent the U-pick strawberry and blueberry patches and she made her own jams, applesauce and pickles. Patachou has grown, but my favorite location remains the original one at 49th and Pennsylvania Streets in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood in Indianapolis.
Every time I visit, I make a point to eat a meal here and I'm also looking forward to her new venture, Public Greens, along the Monon Trail. All the proceeds go to help feed children with food insecurity who are at risk of being homeless. Bravo Martha!

21 September 2014

a small change

This blog is being tweaked a bit to include a broader scope of topics.  From now on there will be food, travel, events, etc. in addition to topics related to interior design.

10 September 2014

Caitlin McGauley wallpaper

Caitlin McGauley is one of my favorite watercolorist. Her work is vibrant and charming.
Her rise to success is a great story as well, she left a comment on Lonny Magazine's website with a link to her work and an editor checked it out one day and she has been busy ever since. In addition to Lonny, her clients include Kate Spade, Domino, West Elm and RL Home to name a few.  Although I've only communicated with her via mail, she is as lovely as her artwork.  This fall, Studio Four NYC will be offering her new wallpaper collection!  
(to the trade only)  
A sneak peek--enjoy!
Grey Peony also comes in pink.
Anyone need help updating a powder room, hallway or bedroom?  
These would look great in any space!
photos from Caitlyn McGauley and Studio Four NYC

08 June 2014

Country Living Fair + sneak peek of the House of the Year!

The 2nd annual Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, New York is this weekend.  Today is the final day.  It takes place at the Duchess County Fairgrounds from 10am-5pm.  This year attendees can shuttle to the Country Living House of the Year 2014 just 15 minutes from the fairgrounds.  If you enjoy a beautiful setting, great speakers and demonstrations, antiques, vintage, handmade items and home furnishings, this is the place to be~Country Living puts on an excellent fair! Seeing the house is a great bonus.
 Gorgeous skies!
 Tilton Fenwick session~love their aesthetic!
 People were snapping up these topiaries very quickly!
Everything is beautifully displayed.
 In addition to fried foods and ice cream, there are several healthy options for lunch.
 Gotta love the Beekman Boys, always a beautiful booth.
 Regretting not purchasing some of these for my dining room wall.
. . . and a sneak peek of the house of the year . . . the house is 1500 square feet and was built by Catskill Farms and the interior design is by Tilton Fenwick, we weren't allowed to take pictures . . . these are from instagram.  It is a country home for a young Brooklyn family.
 photo Countrylivingmag
The setting and front porch are lovely, notice the floorboards on the porch are painted alternate colors.
 photo Countrylivingmag
Beautiful gallery wall in the living room.
 photo Countrylivingmag
Great island in the kitchen, the backsplash tile was installed in a diagonal pattern.
 photo from Meagancampstyle
There are no upper cabinets in the kitchen, glass shelving was used instead.
 photo from Country Living
The walls were covered in fabric which was paperbacked and hung. Yellow and navy is such a fresh combination.
Photo from duralee
The master bedroom was hand stenciled by decorative painter Dean Barger.

15 May 2014

Mansion in May!

Blairsden is the mansion this year and it is spectacular.  Recently purchased for a mere $4 million, it was such a treat to get to see two floors of this five floor private home. Designed and constructed between 1897 and 1903, this 62,000 - square-foot Louis XIV chateau-style mansion was the masterpiece of renowned architecture firm Carrère and Hastings. If you are in the New York City met area, Mansion in May is worth seeing.
 Main entrance
 Foyer ceiling is painted on canvas so the owner can take it with him if he moves.
 The ceilings, moldings and light fixtures are very impressive.
 You'll find yourself looking up in every room.
 This gorgeous fabric is embroidered.
 Powder room floor.
 Loved the painted details.
 Baccarat crystal chandeliers, you can tell it's authentic by the signature red crystal.
 Mix of prints.
 Loved this chair fabric.
 Beautiful window treatments.
 Details, details.
 A glamorous bedroom.
 Swarovski crystals on silk covered walls.
 This wallpaper was charming.
 The views were wonderful.
 Sweet nursery, love the color scheme.
 This fabric and trim!
 Gorgeous wallpaper in another bedroom.
 Hand painted ceiling in a closet.
 Small, beautiful and efficient kitchen on 2nd floor, the tile and countertops were stunning.
 Formal Dining Room was huge.
 Hand painted panels in formal dining room.
 The gardens.