08 February 2010

Sarah's House

The other night on HGTV I discovered Sarah Richardson.  Canada certainly has a lot of talented designers!  She bought a house in the suburbs and was redoing the basement/laundry room.  Houses and design are something I really enjoy.  When I had no budget and would inherit hand.me.down furniture, I used to sew accent pillows to make it my own.  One of my favorite things has been decorating our houses each time we move.  We haven't really had any design projects lately (other than painting and tiling our shower) but when we first moved to this house I would spend hours happily poring over fabric swatches at our local Calico Corners.
 Tommy, her design partner
This is the final result of her laundry room.  Todd recently reorganized ours with lots of goodies from The Container Store.  One of the reasons Sarah likes front load washers/dryers is that a counter top can be installed over them.  Love that!  .  I also love a good back splash and the two pictured below are stunning.
Ah, so many ideas . . .