21 August 2012

Small changes, big impact

As Fall approaches, it puts me in the mood for updating/improving my home.  Our living room has never been "finished" and the kitchen needs a couple tweaks.  Here are some inspiration photos of things I'd like to do . . .
 Properly hung window panels.
 A lovely neutral sisal runner.
 A zebra rug with our print love seats~I used this photo to show how versatile animal print is and how it can be used with almost any decor.
 Bookshelves! Especially with art displayed~adore this look.
 We have a nice pantry but it has these odd spinney shelves I've never liked.  It would be nice to replace them with pull out shelves.
all photos from Pinterest
And a small farm table, the one I purchased on Craig's list for almost nothing ended up not working for our kitchen so I'm still searching . . .
Do you get that same urge to make changes to your space as Fall approaches?