23 February 2012

West Hollywood rental

 On a recent visit to L.A., my husband found this great house to rent.  The neighborhood is full of wonderful eateries and shops, we loved being able to walk out the door and go get a meal and enjoy the sunny weather.
Because I'm studying interior design and I love houses, it was very interesting to read how this house was decorated and learn about tini. (this is not ikea,) a vintage furniture store that does interior design.  But the funny thing was, after a long day of touring and still being on east coast time, we were watching HGTV and a new show called Pop Shop came on . . . it's all about tini. and their projects!  Very fun and we are hoping "our" house will be on a future episode.  Check out more photos here and here

14 February 2012

10 February 2012

Blackboard tablecloth + more

 This tablescape with a blackboard oilcloth is so charming~and what a great idea to have a (beer) tasting party.  If beer isn't your thing cheese/wine/chocolate would work just as well.
 looks like fun to me :)
Complete story, recipes and sources available in Martha Stewart Living March 2012 issue.

06 February 2012


photo from mynerdynook
Wouldn't it be great to have such a charming studio space?
For a very long time, I've loved fabric.  It's my favorite component to choose in a project and I love how it sets the tone and can transform a room.  A great mix of pattern is my favorite look.
Next month I am taking an upholstery class in order re.purpose and restyle small projects. What a great skill to learn!  Once I've completed my chair I will post before and after photos.
 photos from modhomeec