30 October 2014

Autumn~some favorite captures

This time of year, just driving down the street makes me smile. It is the most beautiful season and I can't get enough of all the images people are posting. The changing of the seasons is one of my favorite things in life and I know I couldn't live where it's always warm and there are no colorful leaves.
"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
~Elizabeth Lawrence
Lilly House and Gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
Monon Trail
Rhinebeck, New York
St. John's Episcopal, New Jersey

20 October 2014

The Hunt at Far Hills

What a great fall event!
The decor and cookies are from my friend Susan's tailgate.
So cute!

16 October 2014

#1 Item for house guests!

Can you guess what this is? 
Fresh linens, flowers, reading material, good food? 
Well, you should have all of those . . . but I was reading a favorite blog the other day and it mentioned the #1 item is . . . . a toilet PLUNGER! And I thought to myself, of course! 
There's nothing worse than being at someone's house and seeing that water rise and rise . . . and not have a plunger in the bathroom to quietly take care of things without having to ask.

We have old toilets in our house that can be temperamental, so a few years ago I put a plunger in all 3 bathrooms.  The funny thing is~~the one in our upstairs guest bathroom disappeared!  I can't find it anywhere.  So, with our house guest en route, I'm off to purchase another one.  Hopefully, it won't be needed but just in case . . .

12 October 2014

Prairie Plates

Conner Prairie is the nation's finest outdoor living history museum, based in Fishers, Indiana.
They hold many special events like Symphony on the Prairie, Headless Horseman hayrides, Holiday Fun and the newest edition is Prairie Plates. 
Wish I could attend each and every one!
                                           Prairie Plates from Conner Prairie on Vimeo.