30 January 2011

10 secrets to a charmed life by Miles Redd

love this list from designer Miles Redd which appeared in Matchbook Magazine~think I'll try some chia seeds, I'd love a screen for my living room and I might even iron my pillowcases!  have to admit #10 is my favorite ;D

27 January 2011

mercury glass pendant lamps

Mercury glass is so lovely and vintage feeling.  These two lamps from Anthropologie are wonderful and I love the warm glow when lit.

26 January 2011

The Spade's Home

These were published in December 2010 by The Selby.  I thought I had posted them before, but couldn't find them in my archives.  For me, the apartment is perfection.  Lots of art, stacks of books, wood burning fireplace, black and white checked kitchen floor with a fabulous gas stove, layers of meaningful and interesting objects . . . what an amazing and creative duo!

love the rotary phone too :)

25 January 2011

Matchbook Magazine

Today is the launch of Matchbook Magazine, an online lifestyle publication celebrating classics~shaken and stirred. :) Or a field guide to a charmed life.  I am so excited!  The three women who founded and edit this publication are Katie Armour, Jane Lilly Warren and Fallon Hogarty.  Even their names are fabulous.  Katie authors a blog entitled the Neo-Traditionalist, which I came upon because of her wonderful Plucky Pioneers series profiling creative women in the design world.  Jane is a graphic designer and has a wonderful blog entitled lox papers.  I love everything she posts. Fallon's blog is called a lovely being, I read that she attended college very close to my hometown.  I love a midwestern connection.  Cannot wait to see what these talented women have in store for their readers~congratulations to them for pursuing their dream!

19 January 2011

cheree berry

Last February in Martha Stewart Living I became aware of Cheree Berry, a stylish stationer living in St. Louis.  She art directed Darcy Miller's 'Family' exhibit at Partners & Spade. Her designs are fabulous and I read she even designed Chelsea Clinton's wedding invitations.  Her studio is so cheerful and inspirational, it was fun to look at on such a dreary winter day.  All photos are from 100 Layer Cake.

13 January 2011

glossy black doors

A black glossy door is a favorite of mine.  When we bought our current home, it had a green front door and shutters, we soon switched everything over to black and it was an instant facelift for the house.  Black doors are a timeless and sophisticated accent.
kate spade london pop up
#10 Downing Street
thomas o'brien
william waldron
thomas hartwell
chad david estes
vanessa & valentine
mowery marsh

12 January 2011

Things We Love~Kate Spade (sadly, not to be)

This fabulous book, which I learned about through blogs and this interview turns out is not to be.  After contacting kate spade to ask about the release date (it would have been a great gift for the holidays) I was told only a limited number of copies were printed and they won't be for sale.  So disappointing!  Oh well, they have a digital Things We Love on the website along with other great information behind the curtain.

Kate Spade in her Upper East Side home.

 love these press invitations by the spades~so clever!

11 January 2011

Matchbook Collection

When I met my husband we were both matchbook collectors.  If memory serves, our collections were merged and displayed for a few years.  But after babies, and a couple moves to different houses they are nowhere to be found.  I keep seeing them in design publications and blogs.  Hopefully ours are packed away and can be retrieved at some point and displayed once again.
Tommy Smythe's matchbook collection
Katie Armour's display
Anthropologie's display
kate spade