28 November 2012

Framed scarves

Many years ago I became acquainted with the older sister of a friend~a wonderfully stylish woman who dressed the windows for Saks and Nordstrom and other stores.  Her home was darling and she had framed a large Hermès scarf in her family room.  It was the first time I had seen this done but it made a huge impact.  When I couldn't find the right artwork for my final project, the framed scarf came to mind and that's what I ended up doing.  It's a great idea and adds interest and style to any room.
above images from Sanity Fair
image from Christopher Ong
image from The Aestate
And this is how I used a vintage Hermès scarf in my project.

19 November 2012

Holiday House 2012

Holiday House, the designer table top showhouse, was founded four years ago by Iris Dankner to raise breast cancer awareness in the design industry. Iris is a fifteen year breast cancer survivor, and has made it her mission to raise funds for breast cancer research and women who need help fighting this disease.
The following were some of my favorite things this year : )
 Amazing windows and beautiful ceiling.
 Hermès china~love!
 Dual fabric window treatment.
 Those small chairs as accessories in the Charlotte Moss bedroom.
 great table and rug
 One of those famous collages by Charlotte Moss
 Cosy den.
 Herringbone fabric walls with glossy wainscotting.
 Chinoiserie chair with animal print broadloom and more fabric walls.
 Perfect small table to hold books.
 Lovely room and my stylish friend Susan.
 Ladder bookshelf adds some interest.
and a delicious lunch to top off the day!