28 December 2010

stylish gifts from kate spade

even though kate spade is no longer at the helm, the company has continued her fun, stylish spirit~a few favorites given and received as gifts this year :)
from my in-laws~love!
a gift to my daughter from grandparents, it's so cute i almost want a laptop :)
Cocktail plates given to my bestie
world traveller mug

and the perfect thank you note

27 December 2010

i married adventure

My copy finally arrived and I love it!  It was listed on eBay and had to travel from the United Kingdom but now it's found a home in my living room.  Cheers!
(gold bird by Two's Company)

21 December 2010

Caitlin McGauley

Soooo love her watercolors! Here's a couple for Christmas she did for Tory Burch :D

11 December 2010

Sarah 101

So excited for the new Sarah Richardson show premiering January 4th on HGTV Canada and sometime in February for the U.S.  This is being described as a design class for viewers.  Sarah and Tommy share how to balance the splurge/save quotient for design projects while achieving great style. Can't wait!

10 December 2010

Dining room details + lovely botanicals

 The dining room progress continues and I am very happy with the way everything is turning out.  Reupholstered chairs are gorgeous and I now have a great source for future design work.  The workmanship is impeccable.
These giclee prints of original gouache/ink paintings by artist Anne Harwell were purchased via her shop on Etsy~Annechovie.  They were framed by a local framer and I think they are fabulous!  An original rendering will be added later to complete the grouping.
 Another view with the table set.  A console and window treatments will complete the room.
Another Esty find are these botanicals, I framed and matted them myself and plan to add them to my living room.  The shop is called Kari Herer Photography.

05 December 2010

i married adventure

House Beautiful 
Over and over this book appears in design magazines and blogs.  Having not read it, I became intrigued.  It is the story of the marriage, lives and adventures of Martin and Osa Johnson in Africa and was published in 1940.  Here are some beautiful photos in which this vintage book appears.
Apartment 412  
Lonny Magazine
O Magazine
Brilliant Asylum
The Huntress Lives
Annechovie on Etsy  

My vintage copy is on its way via Royal Mail from the U.K.  Can't wait!
(an early Christmas gift)

29 November 2010

on my wish list

Found this great console recently and it's totally on my wish list!  It's a gorgeous piece.  Bamboo is speaking to me lately :)
beautiful antique from 1stdibs
nesting tables from 1stdibs
frames . . .
and chairs, these seem to be in every design magazine
 and this double tray table looks darling in my living room.

21 November 2010

my bar

After spending time redesigning our dining room, we decided a proper bar was needed.  Even though we are not big drinkers and tend to have maybe a vodka tonic or a glass of wine, we have guests who are cocktail connoisseurs.  Now that we're in our forties, it's (past) time for a grown-up bar.  It's been stocked with vodka, whiskey, tequila, single malt scotch, liqueurs, Irish creme, port, hard cider and wine.  The ice bucket was a wedding gift from someone very dear to me and the vintage shaker is from my bestie.  This is just the beginning, but I think it's a good start.  The Pierre Deux table is a favorite piece, borrowed from the living room.  My search for a permanent one continues.  Cheers!

16 November 2010


Keeping up with favorite blogs has become a regular part of my routine.  Katie Armour's Neo-Traditionalist is a favorite.  She has a terrific sense of style and a joie de vivre that's contagious.  On her blog today she made a very happy announcement:
"It is with great excitement I announce that in January 2011 my dear friend Jane Lilly Warren and I are launching a new monthly lifestyle publication titled Matchbook: Field Guide to a Charmed Life. Each digital issue we look forward to celebrating the classics (shaken and stirred!) in our own unique fashion with delectable bites of style, beauty, decor, travel, and culture." 
Love the name! The online publications will continue, I'm sure.  It's great to see such high quality content and ideas.  Bravo Katie!

13 November 2010

Martha Stewart Living for the iPad

The trend towards virtual magazines continues.  Martha Stewart Living now has an iPad app for her magazine and the content is all new.  I have to admit I prefer holding a magazine and a real book for that matter, but I read every issue of  Lonny and Rue online and enjoy the clarity and interactive features.  Living is slightly different in that you can only read it on an iPad and you have to pay $3.99.  But it is beautiful and full of ideas, as always the team at Living doesn't disappoint!

10 November 2010

Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2010

It was a fun and interesting to see the 38th Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House this year.  It raises funds for the Kips Bay Boys + Girls Club.  
This blue room was gorgeous.  I love the rug, it reminds me of Missoni.
This was a great little space showcasing some beautiful wallpapers.  The snakeskin print is transparent wallpaper over a painted wall.  Love the Lucite desk!
A lavender kitchen was new to me but it worked.  The artwork in this room was terrific and that door leads to an outdoor terrace and garden.
photos from habitually chic and casasugar

Dining room redo

We have had a pink dining room for twelve years and I always liked it until recently.  It needed a change, the room seemed very heavy and the color was overbearing.  It isn't fully completed but the improvement so far is dramatic.
 Before~the chandelier, paint color, window treatment and upholstered chairs have or will be redone.
After~loving the neutral palatte and touch of color and pattern the wallpaper brings to the space.
 my swatches and new chair fabric~making sure it blends with the living room :)

08 November 2010

Smart Little House

My Materials class took a field trip today to Smart Little House.  It is a great resource for sustainable and affordable materials for the home.  They carry eco-friendly paint, plaster, flooring and other green design materials.  It was exciting to discover Mythic paint, which is 0% toxic, is durable, has excellent coverage and causes no health or environmental problems.
Literally, it is a smart little house.
My instructor and the owner.
American Clay Plaster
We also learned about American Clay.  It is an environmentally friendly alternative to venetian plaster, traditional paints or more expensive acrylic or lime plasters, offering a texture, depth and richness not available in other finishes. Non-toxic and negatively charged, this clay repels airborne dust, dirt, allergens and dander that would normally cling to your walls or ceiling. American Clay plaster is easy to maintain and therefore will last the lifetime of your client's home. It also offers complete repairability and can be reworked or textured to match any personal style.  
Whether designing for clients or yourself, Little Smart House is worth a visit when deciding which materials to use.  The more you know, the better choices you'll make.

Ruth's Pigsty

Okay, who ever dreamed a pigsty could be made into such a cute little guest house?  Leave it to Sarah Richardson to make it adorable.  Design Inc. is an older show of hers and I love every episode!  She and her team show all the hard work that goes into problem solving a space and designing to make their clients' vision a reality.  On a side note, is everyone in Toronto good-looking? I find her clients as attractive as Sarah and her team. ;D  My sister.in.law is from there, so it must be true!

Gemini Awards

Sarah Richardson, host of Sarah's House, recently won a Gemini award for Best Host of a Lifestyle/Practical Information Series.  Congratulations to her!  The work she and Tommy Smythe do is inspiring and creative, I also don't know of anyone who works harder. Bravo!

29 October 2010


Great paper is one of my favorite luxuries in life and Gadabout by Hanna Brooks Nation is something I always have on hand.  She has some new designs/colors that are darling so I thought I would share~enjoy!
Tuk Tuk

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall
why put off tomorrow what you can do today?