24 May 2011

Sarah's Cottage bathroom

Another trademark bathroom from Sarah Richardson.  Lovely! She always does a soaker tub, glass shower, mix of tiles and/or stone and a unique vanity.  This one is an antique table that previously had a glass top.  The mirror and hanging cabinet are vintage pieces that really add charm to the space.  Inspires me to want to gut my bathrooms and buy a cottage. :)

08 May 2011

Sarah's Cottage

Has finally come to the U.S. but why did they change it to Sarah's Summer House?  Regardless, what an amazing escape . . . gorgeous views from a small island.  Her husband purchased the cottage while he was single.  The first episode showed the living room addition with windows on three sides and a new gorgeous cedar shingle roof.  I dream of having a cottage on a lake, she certainly lives the life! and I'm glad she shares it :D
 original cottage with floor of the addition partially finished
ahhhh . . .

06 May 2011

The Red House ~ William Morris

William Morris was a designer, artist, poet, writer and Socialist in England in the 1800s.  He is considered the father-figure of the Arts and Crafts movement and had a great impact on 20th century design.  He was committed to renewal of the arts and wanted to make aesthetically pleasing and beautifully crafted things available to as many people as possible for use in all areas of life.  He grew up in a wealthy family and as a child, rode his pony through Epping Forest in a small suit of armor given to him by his father.  He spent hours studying plants, birds and nearby churches.  Nature is a huge influence on his designs.  He was an early forerunner of modern environmentalism.  Although this is the only building he ever commissioned, he is credited with over 600 designs.  He excelled at designing tapestries, textiles, wallpaper, rugs, stained glass and hand painted tiles and furniture.  My final project for the History of Decorative Arts was on William Morris.  Morris & Company designs are still available today from Sanderson & Sons and Liberty of London.
 front door
 upper landing
sitting room