29 September 2010

Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn at home in Chelsea's London Terrace, NYC
Mr. Gunn is practical, down to earth and minds his budget when it comes to purchases.
The following is an excerpt from USA Today.
Only billionaires can afford real antiques these days, says Gunn, so he typically trawls less lofty places for furnishings--flea markets, family homes and catalogues. "I have to do everything on a budget, boy do I," he says.  That means a rug from Ballard Designs, a screen from Horchow and blue + white vases from Ikea. " I love all those places.  There are lots of great things, and, for the most part, they're pretty affordable.  They make things accessible," he says.  "Bravo, Pottery Barn!"
 his latest book
Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work is delightful.  Tim Gunn is an excellent storyteller and shares wisdom gained from a lifetime of experiences--personal and professional.   When I saw the first season of Project Runway, I became an instant fan.  He has great manners combined with a forthright, respectful demeanor.  Some of the events he shares made me laugh out loud.  If you enjoy him on the show, you will love his book.

28 September 2010


totally. love. these.

great fabric collections from calico corners

menswear collection
Beautiful fabrics can really make a room and Calico Corners has some inspiring new collections.  These are my favorites.
suzani collection
asian inspired
french chic
Iman collection
equestrian collection

27 September 2010

some favorites

Two of my favorite things from Ballard Designs--I want this rug in chocolate and this zinc harvest basket from Suzanne Kasler has a gorgeous orange interior.

 I never tire of seeing a beautiful black and white checkered kitchen floor . . .

 or a brown zebra rug
 some industrial lighting above the kitchen table would be a great update, this is from Restoration Hardware
 Beautiful Frances Palmer handmade pottery, I'll take those tomatoes too!

 Fresh flowers add so much to a house.
 Stacks of books! Kevin Sharkey organizes his by color.
an orange Hermès blanket would look great just about anywhere ;)

25 September 2010

brown grey

photo from Martha Stewart Living
We have been living in our current home for just over 7 years and the day after we moved in our living room and dining room were painted.  French country has always been my favorite style but that has changed over the past year or so--now I favor a more eclectic look.  At this point, I am so over my dining room color I want to start painting it today!  A much more neutral palette would update the room nicely.  Martha Stewart's brown grey is beautiful and sophisticated.  The color would work well with our table and chandelier.  This is just one of many projects I have for our house this Fall!
current color

24 September 2010

back to school

My design classes started yesterday--I am taking Principles of Interior Design and Interior Materials, Finishes + Sources this semester.  It was a busy day--after getting both girls off to their respective schools, grabbing my Starbucks, attending 3 hours of class, running a couple errands, school pick-up and a quick appointment at the pediatrician I was wiped!  It didn't help that it was 87 degrees yesterday, that's noodledom for me.  Anyway, I am happy to be back in school with these interesting, creative women soaking it all up :)

Elle Decor

It's always fun to see Elle Decor waiting inside my mailbox.  What a great issue!
The vintage lights above the Lauren's dining room table are amazing.  Not to mention the leather chairs and beautiful frame.  The scale is perfect.
Wouldn't you love to snuggle by that fur throw and read a good book?  Very inviting!
A gorgeous view of the Central Park reservoir from the bathroom.

18 September 2010

Anthropologie papier-mâché animal busts

Today I took my tween daughter to Anthropologie to find a gift for a friend.  It is always an inspiring place to visit and browse, I love the creative displays and unique collection of clothes, housewares, books + jewelry.
These were my favorite items on this visit, they are handmade in Haiti.
Layers of repurposed cement bags are covered with vintage French book pages to create these papier-mâché animal heads.

15 September 2010

Rue Magazine

So excited! The premiere issue of Rue Magazine will be available online tomorrow--September 16th.  Can't wait to see what inspirations they have for all their readers and there's always room for a new design magazine!

14 September 2010

Picture height

Too often, pictures and artwork are hung too high on the wall.  Ann Harwell is an artist with a terrific blog and an etsy shop.  She posted this photo recently and not only did I love the artwork but that it is displayed at such an attractive height.  Beautiful!

A fun read

Since this was published in 2008, I know I'm a bit behind on reading it, but what a fun book! Bringing Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello is quick, witty and engaging--I hope it's made into a film.
I only have a few items from Hermès but each one is a treat to wear and browsing the stores is always fun.  The ribbon makes a great key ring for those extra house keys too. ;D

05 September 2010

Creative display

Ben Brougham displays his Liberty of London bike on the kitchen wall.  He purchased his bike at the Liberty of London pop-up store in Manhattan.  This caught my eye because I purchased one as well--the minute Liberty was up on the Target website last spring.  Mine is stored in a more conventional manner, but beautiful nonetheless :D
photo from Lonny Magazine
hanging in my garage

02 September 2010

Oval Office redo

Even the President of the United States has the desire to redecorate his space once in awhile.
On the left, President Bush's sunbeam rug and on the right, President Obama's new quote rug. Photo from New York Magazine.
While the Obamas were away on vacation, they had the Oval Office redone.  Gone is the sunbeam rug President Bush and his wife Laura designed and a new one has taken it's place.  This one is more subdued, with some of the President's favorite quotes encircling the edge.  Both rugs are beautiful, and as someone who loves quotes, I think this is a nice change. The new rug was made by the Scott Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The renovation was paid for by the White House Historical Association, a non-profit group.
New wallpaper, couches and coffee table were installed as well as recovering the chairs throughout the office.  The artwork and clock remain the same.
photos from The New York Times
A bowl of fruit has replaced the traditional fresh flower centerpiece.
Here are the quotes the President chose:
  • “The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • “The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Towards Justice” – Martin Luther King Jr.
  • “Government of the People, By the People, For the People” – President Abraham Lincoln
  • “No Problem of Human Destiny Is Beyond Human Beings” – President John F. Kennedy
  • “The Welfare of Each of Us Is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us” – President Theodore Roosevelt

01 September 2010

Kevin Sharkey

Kevin Sharkey is a favorite of mine, I was excited to see him share the cover with Martha Stewart on Living this month. 
He has been designing his apartment and sharing the journey over many months on his blog.  As a talented designer, he inspires others with his ideas and experiences.  Martha has stated he is the son she never had . . . I love his impeccable manners!
He hosted a housewarming cocktail party to celebrate his new space.
So glamorous and fun--ping pong was played on his dining room table with monogrammed paddles and scores kept on the mirrored wall with Chanel lipstick.
What a view! Looking out on the Hudson River and New Jersey.
all photos from Martha Stewart Living
Great "ice chest" in the bathroom for all the champagne, that's Kevin's Hermès box collection stacked in the shower for a pop of color in the background.