19 May 2010

Virginia Johnson, textile designer

Recently, I pulled out one of my Kate Spade books to re-read and was reminded how much I enjoy Virginia Johnson's illustrations.  She also designs clothes and has a shop in Toronto, Canada.  I love her watercolors!  This is just a sampling--so simple and chic.  For more information click here.  


Cherish said...

Thanks for the tip about Virginia Johnson's talent. I'm a Toronto girl, and I haven't had the time to visit her shop yet. After seeing this post, I'm making plans to stop by ASAP.
~Pam @ Cherish Toronto

susan's buzz said...

That's great! Wish I were closer so I could check it out too, she is very talented.

{Arianna Belle} said...

I LOVE her illustrations too! I didn't realize she had a blog! Thanks for the link!