28 May 2010

selling new york

Selling New York is the sexiest show on HGTV and I have become an avid fan.  It is fascinating to be able to take a peek inside these amazing properties throughout New York City.  The brokers are excellent at what they do and very likable.  It's impressive to see how hard they work and the time it takes to match the right home with each client.  Now if only I had a few million to spare . . . ;D  The show airs Thursdays at 9pm.
all images from HGTV
 the Kleiers
new york times

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hip hip gin gin said...

Darn it, I had totally weaned myself off HGTV after we were finished with our house buying adventures, but now I totally want to watch this show! Definitely setting the DVR to record this! That kitchen is my absolute dream.