07 May 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .

This is another business procedures class story.  As you know, I love a good one and my instructor has been a designer for over 40 years so he has many.  A retainer of $2500 is fairly standard in this area.  A designer he knows has a retainer of $25,000.  This man was contacted by an exclusive Co-op building in the city.  The residents were complaining about the 2 elevators being slow and demanding they be replaced with faster ones.  The cost would be about $1 million dollars per elevator.  The designer told the building manager to have mirrors installed in both elevators.  He made $25,000 and saved the Co-op $2 million.  There hasn't 
 been a complaint since the mirrors were added.


Fern said...

Hmm. Is it better to pick your teeth than to pick your nose?

PS: Love your blog and am glad you are in design school!

susan's buzz said...

I don't think it matters as long as you're not complaining about the speed of the elevators ;D