25 May 2010

Scott Sanders luncheon

Scott Sanders is an interior designer based in New York City.  Yesterday I attended a luncheon where he spoke about his early years in Ohio and the path that led him to where he is today.  He began the interior design department at Ralph Lauren and that influence can be seen in his work.  I really like his fresh, comfortable American style.  The rooms are created to be used and lived in and are very welcoming.  His book, Picture Perfect: Designing the New American Family Home, "documents Sanders’ inspired youth, his accomplished career, and a project that represents the culmination of a four year adventure in interior design and catalogs in detail-from tile samples to bed linens- the myriad of choices that transform an empty house into a wonderfully functional family home."
 Sanders was very personable as he shared about himself and some of his design projects.
 the book is available at amazon
 Two of my favorite rooms from the book--the yellow toile is beautiful and looks so cheerful in that room.  And how amazing to mix zebra and plaid--this really reminds me of Ralph Lauren.


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Oh must check out his book! Working for Ralph Lauren must have been a dream---love his aesthetic! XX Katie

susan's buzz said...

I totally agree Katie!!