08 November 2010

Smart Little House

My Materials class took a field trip today to Smart Little House.  It is a great resource for sustainable and affordable materials for the home.  They carry eco-friendly paint, plaster, flooring and other green design materials.  It was exciting to discover Mythic paint, which is 0% toxic, is durable, has excellent coverage and causes no health or environmental problems.
Literally, it is a smart little house.
My instructor and the owner.
American Clay Plaster
We also learned about American Clay.  It is an environmentally friendly alternative to venetian plaster, traditional paints or more expensive acrylic or lime plasters, offering a texture, depth and richness not available in other finishes. Non-toxic and negatively charged, this clay repels airborne dust, dirt, allergens and dander that would normally cling to your walls or ceiling. American Clay plaster is easy to maintain and therefore will last the lifetime of your client's home. It also offers complete repairability and can be reworked or textured to match any personal style.  
Whether designing for clients or yourself, Little Smart House is worth a visit when deciding which materials to use.  The more you know, the better choices you'll make.


michele said...

Where is this place? Is it actually in Bergen County?

Chris said...

Hi there

Great to see that you liked it...be sure to come back soon. We miss you. Jane is running knitting classes and we start up with clay plaster intro workshops again after the first of the year!

Thanks for coming.

Have a great holiday!