16 November 2010


Keeping up with favorite blogs has become a regular part of my routine.  Katie Armour's Neo-Traditionalist is a favorite.  She has a terrific sense of style and a joie de vivre that's contagious.  On her blog today she made a very happy announcement:
"It is with great excitement I announce that in January 2011 my dear friend Jane Lilly Warren and I are launching a new monthly lifestyle publication titled Matchbook: Field Guide to a Charmed Life. Each digital issue we look forward to celebrating the classics (shaken and stirred!) in our own unique fashion with delectable bites of style, beauty, decor, travel, and culture." 
Love the name! The online publications will continue, I'm sure.  It's great to see such high quality content and ideas.  Bravo Katie!


Kathryn said...

Love her blog!!

jane said...

Thanks for the sweet post! We can't wait to share Matchbook with you! xx