25 January 2011

Matchbook Magazine

Today is the launch of Matchbook Magazine, an online lifestyle publication celebrating classics~shaken and stirred. :) Or a field guide to a charmed life.  I am so excited!  The three women who founded and edit this publication are Katie Armour, Jane Lilly Warren and Fallon Hogarty.  Even their names are fabulous.  Katie authors a blog entitled the Neo-Traditionalist, which I came upon because of her wonderful Plucky Pioneers series profiling creative women in the design world.  Jane is a graphic designer and has a wonderful blog entitled lox papers.  I love everything she posts. Fallon's blog is called a lovely being, I read that she attended college very close to my hometown.  I love a midwestern connection.  Cannot wait to see what these talented women have in store for their readers~congratulations to them for pursuing their dream!

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