06 January 2011

The Kennedy-Warren

A couple days ago my husband was planning a quick trip to Washington, D.C. to obtain a visa for some upcoming travel and he was asking me where I lived when I worked there years ago.  His question brought back many memories.  One of my favorite addresses was The Kennedy-Warren located on NW Connecticut Avenue in the Woodley Park section of DC.  My roommate and I loved it there!  It is located right next to the Smithsonian National Zoo (where I would take my morning walk) and behind it is beautiful Rock Creek Park.  The neighborhood was terrific with nearby metro stops, restaurants and pubs and not too far away was my favorite cinema to this day~The Uptown
Urban living suited me and it was great not needing a car, the city bus and Metro were so convenient.
 I have to credit my terrific roommate at the time, Allison, for finding this Art Deco gem and persuading me to live here.  She was a well-travelled southern debutante who hosted great parties and book clubs.  We picked up our mail at the front desk each day.  This building has gone through some renovations since I lived there and I don't think we had a doorman, but I honestly don't remember.
 Just as I remember it and this is what our kitchen looked like! minus the Kitchen Aide mixer~I was so excited to find this image online.
Loved the bathroom tile~we had a 1 1/2 baths, a huge living dining room, two bedrooms and the cute kitchen with checkerboard flooring.  I hope city living is somewhere in my future again. :D

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