01 September 2010

Kevin Sharkey

Kevin Sharkey is a favorite of mine, I was excited to see him share the cover with Martha Stewart on Living this month. 
He has been designing his apartment and sharing the journey over many months on his blog.  As a talented designer, he inspires others with his ideas and experiences.  Martha has stated he is the son she never had . . . I love his impeccable manners!
He hosted a housewarming cocktail party to celebrate his new space.
So glamorous and fun--ping pong was played on his dining room table with monogrammed paddles and scores kept on the mirrored wall with Chanel lipstick.
What a view! Looking out on the Hudson River and New Jersey.
all photos from Martha Stewart Living
Great "ice chest" in the bathroom for all the champagne, that's Kevin's Hermès box collection stacked in the shower for a pop of color in the background.

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a lovely being said...

I was just looking at these photos on martha stewart today! aren't they wonderful? I can't get over his collection of orange hermes boxes in his shower, either.. so luxe!
xx fallon