24 September 2014

my favorite restaurant. ever.

Many years ago I lived in Indianapolis in my home state of Indiana.  My memories from those years are very fond--it was a wonderful combination of an interesting job, lots of good friends, an abundance of things to do--culture, community and nature all at a very reasonable cost of living. My time there began in 1990 and Cafe Patachou opened in 1989. It was love at first visit. The ingredients were fresh and the items were made from scratch, which was uncommon at that time. Martha Hoover was a young mother and ahead of her time in the food movement when she opened her first restaurant. We share the same philosophy of buying fresh, local, quality ingredients. My mom used to shop our local farm stands, we would frequent the U-pick strawberry and blueberry patches and she made her own jams, applesauce and pickles. Patachou has grown, but my favorite location remains the original one at 49th and Pennsylvania Streets in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood in Indianapolis.
Every time I visit, I make a point to eat a meal here and I'm also looking forward to her new venture, Public Greens, along the Monon Trail. All the proceeds go to help feed children with food insecurity who are at risk of being homeless. Bravo Martha!

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