27 February 2013

DIY Pillows

There are many decorative tea towels available now, some are so pretty you don't want to actually use them.  If you have some favorites you want to display, they make great pillows.  Here are two of my favorites by studiopatro.

The neutral color, casual linen and what they say make these special additions to the kitchen.
This project is quick and easy if you have a sewing machine.  Just purchase pillow inserts in the correct size (I bought mine at Jo-Ann's Fabric on sale.)
Fold the towels in half, wrong side out and sew a simple seam, leaving just enough room to stuff the insert. Finish the pillow by hand sewing the remaining opening. Tada! new pillows to freshen up your space.
  Here are others that would make great pillows.
Claudia Pearson
Helen Rawlinson
souvenirs of paris


Kathryn said...

You could sell those Devour pillows! How did they know what we LOVE?

Susan said...

thanks Kate! yes, yes how did they know? ;D