06 December 2012

favorite book with which to decorate

Certain elements pop up over and over in design.  One of those has become a favorite of mine.  The book I Married Adventure can be seen in design publications and blogs repeatedly~it never gets old.  A few of my favorite images . . . 
image from how I met your father
image from decor arts now
image from Paris Hotel Boutique
image from lisa dreissig
image from mindy laven
image from tumblr
Pembroke Hall Interiors
jane mcculloch library
I included it in an elevation from my final project too ;D
Every room needs a touch of animal print.


Michele Taylor said...

I enjoyed this post. Thanks Susan!

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

I have always loved this book and the image on the hard covers.
I make a line of pillows and my latest is "I Married Adventure". It is flying out of the boutiques and on my ETSY shop right now. Take a look.

Empress of The Eye
Jane Schott

Great post...