18 October 2012

Dorothy Henrietta Anderson

Today would have been my maternal Grandmother's 99th birthday.  She died eleven years ago and I still think about her often. To have her all my growing up years and into adulthood was such a gift.  She was an important supporter of milestones in my life--college graduation, a career in Washington, DC, my wedding and the birth of my first child (who is named after her.)  She was coiffed, manicured, dressed stylishly and could play the piano until the day she died.  She never left the house without her lipstick.  She also made the best chocolate cake, which is a birthday tradition in our family and I still miss her amazing fudge at Christmastime. It is from her I inherited a sweet tooth, a certain outspokenness and a taste for the better things in life.  Currently, I am working on a Chinoiserie inspired project and my Mother reminded me of my Grandmother's beautiful antique house in Michigan with the red Chinoiserie foyer and the jade green tile floor.  It was dramatic and beautiful just like Grandma Anderson.  She is with me in spirit every day.
My grandparents on their wedding day~my Grandfather was dapper, charming and old school. :)

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Kathryn said...

I enjoy all your blog posts, but this is one of my absolute favorites. I wonder what inspired her, in Michigan, to enjoy a little Chinoiserie? Lovely thoughts, my friend.