15 May 2012

Design Trends: Fashion, Light + Color

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Kim Kiner of Hunter Douglas speak on the topic of trends, color and light.  After driving through pouring rain, getting lost and arriving late, I almost didn't attend but am so pleased I heard her speak.  She was excellent and the presentation was packed with information gleaned from her travels, Frank Lloyd Wright, great artists, and design she experiences wherever she goes. Here are just a few of the main points.
1. People want the feel of something handcrafted.
2. Used items repurposed/reinterpreted in new ways.  Mindfully curated (easier said than done.)
 The Ace Hotel is a well done example.
3. Moving towards simplicity.  An example is a simple roller shade made from exquisite fabric.
4. Smaller spaces with better, responsible design and multifunctional items.
5.  Diffused light is the best light for a home.
6.  Color trends.
Because her presentation was so excellent I was interested to read her bio, it makes me happy to see former art students sharing their knowledge in a variety of forums and professions.
Kim Kiner, B.F.A. Painting ’82, became vice president of product design for Hunter Douglas Company in 2000, after only two years with the international manufacturer of building products, North America’s leading manufacturer of custom window coverings. Today, Kiner is transitioning the company’s Alustra Collection of fashionable premium-positioned exclusive window treatments to a new strategy that focuses on the products’ distinctive design. “Pratt taught us to think creatively as professionals,” says Kiner, “and I believe this has made the difference in my career.”
Developing new products and working with designers and textile mills around the world comes easily to Kiner, who began her life after Pratt as an assistant to the Swedish fashion photographer Gösta Peterson. This led to a design job with American Greetings, based in Cleveland, Ohio; simultaneously, Kiner exhibited and framed her fine art work. On a freelance basis, she also hand painted and silkscreened
fabrics for upholstery and window coverings for both residential and commercial applications. A few of these projects won national awards in Window Fashions’ annual design competition, which connected her with Hunter Douglas.
Her advice to designers entering the corporate world: “Never lose sight of your creativity no matter how stifled you feel it might be. Continue to look for creative solutions, which will make you even more successful.” (from Pratt Institute)

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Mary M. said...

Agreeeeeed! great speaker.