23 November 2011

C. Wonder(ful) in Soho

After hearing about this shop from a friend and then reading about it, I couldn't wait to see C. Wonder in person.  A few days ago, I had the opportunity to head to Soho and check it out.

Everything is beautifully displayed and fully stocked.  They also do monogramming in-store.  We loved the kitchen area.
Some of the products they offer, those ikat dishes were a favorite among us.
All the color and pattern makes this a beautiful space full of lots of goodies.
The area for home was my favorite--beautiful frames, dishes, bone, horn, mother of pearl and lacquered boxes, pillows, blankets, trays, coasters, wine stoppers, napkin rings, etc.  A great place for gift shopping or picking up something for yourself.  :)
 The elephant tray and woven box were some of my purchases.  They are a nice compliment to the foo dogs I just picked up in Hong Kong.
Well worth the visit if you're in the area.
C. Wonder
72 Spring Street
New York

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