04 October 2011

Bee Cottage

Okay, this is a great makeover.  A cottage is my dream and I've always loved the honeybee motif.  It was even my stationery studio's logo.  Yesterday, Nate Berkus (who I love) had Frances Schultz on his show and some images of her cottage in East Hampton were shown.  She embraced the shortcomings, quirks and charm to make it a cozy retreat.  Enjoy!
"Oh, one more thing: if a house is to have personality, it should have a name. I named mine Bee Cottage because bees are drawn to beauty and are industrious, social, and focused. It's about being present, in the moment. Just be(e), honey."  FS  Love this.
 A yellow and blue palette is very welcoming and cheerful.
The pattern in this room is a perfect mix of scale and color.  Very pleasing and restful.  And the high gloss ceiling is wonderful!  She mentions how you're really only supposed to use high gloss on perfect walls (which is why I've never used it) but she disagrees and uses it anyway (ooh, maybe I will too.)
To see the entire renovation in House Beautiful click here.
                                                      © queenbeepaperie
had to throw in an image of my bees from my former stationery studio :D

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