22 March 2011

Versailles, etc.

We are studying the French period in History of the Decorative Arts right now and as I compiled my research, a few personal photos came to mind.  Makes me want to grab my family and hop a plane to Paris!  Great memories.  ;)
 Touring Versailles with a an all American snack.
 the gardens at Versailles
 The Hall of Mirrors (La Gallerie des Glaces)
 The Louvre
 My daughter wore the perfect pattern that day.
 A love affair with Nutella begins~gaufres sold by street vendors~amazing!
Chasing pigeons in any language is fun. Musée d'Orsay.


Michele said...

Great pics! I have similar pics only sans children. Makes me want to book 4 tkts to Paris ASAP! Btw, the girls look adorable!

susan r. said...

Thanks! Yes, I feel the same ;D