06 February 2011


I can't say enough good things about etsy.  It was a great discovery over three years ago and I have found so many unique and creative items for gifts as well as for our home.  From original artwork to jewelry to vintage items it is a fabulous resource and I love supporting artisans in their work.  Interesting key fobs are fun to own and make finding keys so much easier.  Recently, there was a really cute one listed on ebay but my bid wasn't high enough to win the fob.
So, I contacted leatherprince on etsy and showed them the photo.  They created a custom order for me for less than half the price and here are the results.
So cute! Can't wait to start using it :)
A note on custom orders~etsy has suspended the Alchemy section but I hope they bring it back.  It was such a great way for buyers and sellers to be creative and have original items made.

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