14 July 2010

Hermès wish list

As I was catching up on blogs this morning, I saw a tray table very similar to this one in someone's sitting room.  It looked wonderful!  At some point, I want to recover my living room love seats in a neutral and this would be a great piece for the space.  They seem to be hard to come by and I have no idea what they would cost.
And of course a blanket in the iconic orange--these look so great on the end of a bed or the back of a chair or sofa.  Sigh.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love that coffee table! I would actually love anything from Hermes so hopefully some how Jon will read this and make my wish come true!


So happy to find another blogger from the NYC area. We must met up!

susan's buzz said...

Your post inspired mine today! That would be fun, isn't the blogosphere great?