16 June 2010

Guest room peek

It has been a lot of fun updating our guest room.  The walls are grey and it used to be decorated in black and white toile.  Yellow + grey are a favorite color combination of mine and now the space looks so much brighter and more modern.   I hope our steady stream of houseguests enjoy this room! :D  
Custom window panels and pillow cover are Braemore jolie fabric made by idari.  The zebra chair fabric is by Braemore Textiles.


Susan DeVries said...

I totally love it!! I don't need a guest room in Ramsey, but it was fun looking at this blog. (Just something more about you I never knew). You are very talented. Susi DeVries

susan's buzz said...

Thank you Susie!

Cherish said...

I love your fabric choice. The grey and yellow combination is tres chic right now, and it's always pleasing to the eye. Can't wait to see the whole guest room when it's done.